Sauce for Selenium Builder

Selenium Builder is a Firefox add-on that lets you easily create Selenium tests. The Sauce Plugin for Selenium Builder adds built-in support for Sauce Labs' infrastructure so you can run your tests across multiple browsers in parallel, no infrastructure set up required.

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  • Export tests from HTML to any programming language.
  • Record and playback Selenium scripts locally or using Sauce OnDemand.
  • Get videos and screenshots of your Selenium Builder tests running in the Sauce cloud.

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How to get started

Install Selenium Builder.
Launch Selenium Builder.
In the startup page, choose "Plugins".
Click "Install" in the entry for "Sauce for Se Builder".
Once the plugin download is complete, close Selenium Builder.
Launch Selenium Builder again.
Enter "" into the "Start recording at" field.
Click the "Record" button. This causes recording to start. The main browser window will navigate to the Selenium Builder site.
Once the page has loaded, click the "Record a verification" button.
Click on the big "Selenium Builder" on the page.
Click on "Stop recording".
Select "Run on Sauce OnDemand" from the "Run" menu.
Enter your Sauce username and access key into the dialog that appears.
Click the "OK" button.
Playback begins!
You can see in-progress and finished OnDemand tests on your Sauce account page.